What's your feed telling you?

October 6, 2019


I'm quite careful to curate my feeds on social media. I like to keep them positive places as I spend quite a lot of time there. I don't follow high profile idiots of the world as an act of mild protest. Every now and again I'll go through and unfollow any accounts I'm not resonating with. Any who I find annoying, negative, tiresome or any accounts which just make me feel a bit weird. You can't put your finger on it, but some accounts just vibrate on a different wavelength and although there's nothing tangibly 'wrong' with them, if they don't 'spark joy' they get an unfollow. It's ok to mute, block and unfollow for no good reason at all. Our feeds are our window on the world and we get to choose the view. 


That said, I've noticed that even with the most positive of feeds, the messages we take in from social media can still be discombobulating. Take my instagram account for example. I mostly follow fellow wellbeing warriors, life coaches and mental health advocates. It's a supportive, kind and inspirational community on the whole. Even so, I've noticed over the weekend the messages I'm taking in can be conflicting. My feed seems to see-saw back and forth between motivational 'seize the moment' type messages and 'self-care and rest are important' type messages. All of these are valid and I agree with the messages but at the same time, flipping from one go-get-em affirmation to messages of permission to slow down, gives me social media whiplash. 


Thinking about this yesterday, I realised this is not so much about what's being presented to me but more that instagram has offered a reflection of what's going on in my own life. An insta-mirror if you will. I've been working at 100mph then recognising I need a break so screeching to a halt and flipping the switch off button before flying back into work mode. Surely there's a better way. A slow and steady alternative which offers progress, productivity but at a less break neck speed. Allowing time for recovery and rest in a more integrated way. 


I don't have the answer, or rather I don't have the answer yet but I have, at least, figured out what I'm aiming for. 

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