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October 6, 2019

I'm quite careful to curate my feeds on social media. I like to keep them positive places as I spend quite a lot of time there. I don't follow high profile idiots of the world as an act of mild protest. Every now and again I'll go through and unfollow any accounts I'm not resonating with. Any who I find annoying, negative, tiresome or any accounts which just make me feel a bit weird. You can't put your finger on it, but some accounts just vibrate on a different wavelength and although there's nothing tangibly 'wrong' with them, if they don't 'spark joy' they get an unfollow. It's ok to mute, block and unfollow for no good reason at all. Our feeds are our window on the world and we get to choose the view. 

That said, I've noticed that even with the most positive of feeds, the messages we take in from social media can still be discombobulating. Take my instagram account for example. I mostly follow fellow wellbeing warriors, life coaches and mental health advocates. It's a supportive, kin...

October 1, 2019

What does your black dog day look like?

For me, it’s a few days in the making. It’s a growing sense of something that starts as uneasiness, absorbing every little bit of negativity until it becomes outright panic. This is a high risk state. Here, I am a woman on the edge. I have little to no control.

I feel like I can’t cope with simple tasks and worry that one little thing more will be too much. Too much for what, I don’t know but that’s scary too. I know I’m on a tipping point but a tipping point to what? That’s when it feels most make or break and that’s when I know it’s time to regroup. At this point, self care and candles goes out the window and all that helps is isolation, bed and mindless tv. Lots of it. I have to shut the world out for a while, slowing to a stop long enough to let the dust settle and feel safe and back in control. 

I’m one of those strange outgoing introverts. I’m not shy and in the right circumstances I enjoy the limelight. How I know I’m an introvert is about ho...

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Teenagers today have it harder than I did

October 9, 2016

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