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November 5, 2017

A year or so ago I introduced a 'Have Your Say' board in the boarding house. The idea is that in our weekly house meetings, we watch a video about an issue or something in the news that week. I produce a statement about it and ask the girls to weigh in and say whether they agree or disagree. The statement goes up on the board and the girls put a sticker under 'agree' or disagree' throughout the week. 

What's the point?

We don't do anything with it. The point is that the girls get used to critiquing an issue and forming an opinion about it. The point is to give a voice and make it acceptable to have an informed opnion regardless of what it is. The bonus is that it often sparks lively discussion. It also means that everyone has accessed current affairs in some way each week for those less keen on following what's going on in the world outside of our bubble. 

Just have an opinion

Things are happening in the world around us which are shaping the future of culture, economy, spirituality an...

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Teenagers today have it harder than I did

October 9, 2016

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