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Adventures in Wellbeing & other stories

September 24, 2016

Several things happened at the beginning. I finished my degree and was asking myself 'what next?'. I took on the role of Anti-Bullying Lead and started working closely with our Head of Pastoral Care. I was promoted to Deputy Head of Boarding, a new position with scope to develop the role and what it entailed. And more and more I recognised a craving in myself and those around me for all things wellbeing.

Whole year groups needing stress relief, many needing to raise their self-esteem, individuals facing mental health issues, staff working their socks off and feeling frazzled.... The list goes on. 

Realising this was something other schools were interested in and that there were other people like me out there, passionate about wellbeing I wanted to see how far we could go. How big could this be? The answer is colossal! I attended a Youth Mental Health & Welllbeing Teachmeet at the wonderful Magna Carta School. I got in touch with Clare Erasmus, their Mental Health & Wellbei...

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Teenagers today have it harder than I did

October 9, 2016

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