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Adventures in Wellbeing & other stories

August 20, 2016

I'm not going to patronize you by giving the Oxford dictionary definition but a quick google search reveals the general consensus is that wellbeing is a state of being happy and healthy. During a chat with a colleague recently she asked, 'isn't wellbeing is just another word for mental health?' We're all aware of the stigmas which surround mental health and so perhaps re-framing it as wellbeing, a hot topic at the moment, is society's way of dealing with the mental health crisis in schools without having to call it mental health. This got me thinking. What is wellbeing? 

After giving it some consideration I decided that for me, working on our wellbeing is the maintenance side of mental health. If our mental health management was on a scale, at one end you'd have the extreme of sectioning and medication to deal with crisis point mental ill health and at the other end you'd have the brushing your teeth equivalent. The day to day practices which keep us ticking over, h...

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Teenagers today have it harder than I did

October 9, 2016

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